Express check-in & check-out

In a rush?
You don't need to wait in a queue with our express service at the front desk.

24-hour concierge & front desk

Need help?
Contact our front desk, which operates round the clock.

High-speed Wi-Fi Internet

Want access to information?
High-speed Wi-Fi Internet is available at a reasonable cost.

All-inclusive Dining

Feeling hungry?
Try our sumptuous Greek and European food at the Sea View dining.

Swimming pool

Time to unwind?
Take a dip in our fabulous pool, sip some great cocktails at the Lardos View Pool side bar or just relax on the sun beds.

Daily housekeeping service

Room needs tidying up?
Our daily housekeeping service ensures you always return to a clean room.

Laundry & ironing service

No time for washing and ironing?
Avail of our laundry and ironing service at a reasonable cost.

Visits to Eagles nest and Olive Garden hotels

Would like to visit our other hotels?
We take you for a complimentary visit to our other two popular Rhodes hotels. (Don’t miss the opportunity).

Live entertainment at Olive Garden

Wondering what to do?
Spend an evening or more at our much appreciated Olive Garden hotel, where you will get enthralled with the live entertainment. (Highly recommend the Greek night and Karaoke night).

Car & mobike rental service

Trying to hire a vehicle?
Our front desk can hep you with car & mobike rentals at great prices.

Bus schedule and taxi service

Wondering how to get around?
Contact the front-desk for bus schedule or to book a taxi.

Free parking

Have a car?
We offer free parking to our guests for their vehicles.